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Robbie Thomas Psychic Profiler Television Series  

We are set on the principles of helping families, who seek solace they’re after while assisting Law Enforcement to find the resolve to either closing or re-opening murder/missing person’s cases. The show is built on team commitment with total respect for all involved. We hold the highest regard for human life and Psychic Profiler is there for everyone who reaches out for help in their time of need during crises they have. The integrity of the show is built around the professionals who work along side Robbie Thomas from many Law Enforcement branches. Together, they work diligently with families and other Law Enforcement Agencies on each case presented.

Psychic Profiler
Putting families first, while helping to put criminals where they belong! 


Chief Of Police Martha Decker...Robbie's Partner On The Show

I feel fortunate to have been able to read about Robbie Thomas, because he is the “Real Deal.” I’ve known him for a number of years now, and have even discussed one of my former cases with him. At present, I am currently working with him on his show he created, Psychic Profiler, as we tackle some of the most heinous crimes in America. Thomas pours a lot of himself into cases, where he’s helped assist individuals and the police for many years. I have great respect for Thomas and his dedication to helping the families who have become the victims of unsolved murders and missing persons. Whether you’re interested in the psychic that he is or the aspect of the crimes he’s helped solve, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t and I know him!

- Martha Decker, Retired Assistant Chief of Police, Tool PD

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From the countless endorsements from Law Enforcement and the actual working with them on death scenes, Robbie has become one of the most respected Psychic Criminal Profilers today.