About Psychic Robbie Thomas

Robbie is married for twenty-seven years, to his lovely wife Ligia. Together they have three beautiful daughters. He focuses his entire core of beliefs, around his family and faith in God. The strength comes from the tight unit of family he has, who supports him totally in everything he does within the Paranormal and Spiritual fields. Robbie incorporates the family structure in the business of creating television, movies and his writing, which gives a real strong foundation for his family working together. They, as a family, are very active in community social and charity events and this also stems outward to other communities as well. Work hard, play fair and love life while doing everything you possibly can to make a difference for the better is a motto Robbie lives by.  

Psychic Profiler The Real Deal Book Trailer

Robbie Thomas over many decades has assisted Law Enforcement, Agencies, Organizations and Families in solving some of the most heinous crimes committed that have been well documented. For the first time ever, comes a book with great detail that encompasses many cases that have Law Enforcement testimonials, family letters, and documentation never before seen by the public that will indeed show a Psychic Medium Solved these cases. 

Law Enforcement Officer Andy DeLay Testimonial

Law Enforcement Officer Andy DeLay and myself have worked together on many cases that have seen resolve. His video testimony illustrates that in one case we worked together in Kentucky.  

Detective Sgt. Cliff Christ Testimonial

Detective Sgt. Cliff Christ and I, worked a very high profile case together which was covered in the media. Paige Birgfeld went missing as was murdered by Lester Jones and Lester Jones was arrested by Law Enforcement and sentenced December 27th, 2016, on two counts of homicide. 

Assistant Chief Of Police Martha Decker Testimonial

Chief Decker and myself have worked together on several cases together and still work together on many cases at present. We are working together with an Emmy Award Winning Director on a new crime fighting show. More to come on this at a later date. 

International Police Chief Kevin Smith & Robbie

International Police Chief Kevin Smith and Robbie discuss how Robbie gave substantial evidence into helping in the Baseline Killings in Arizona. 

Program Director George Hayes On Victoria Stafford Case

Check out this great video

Dave Schrader Darkness Radio Talks With Robbie

Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio KTLK 1130, discusses with Robbie about possible clues and evidence given by Robbie that was handed over to the Authorities by Dave Schrader after the show. (Listen to the viable clues that the Police ended up utilizing that proved to be what happened in this case.) 

Robbie's First One Hour Television Special 2003

Back in 2003, Robbie was requested to appear on the 'In Good Faith' television show out of Ottawa Canada. This show ended up going into syndication on Bell Expressview, Star Choice Satellite, New RO Cable Network and eventually ended up on some networks in the United States.  

My Movie I Am In, The Sallie House 2007

Here is my movie I am in along with my colleague, Michael Esposito and we take you on a ghostly journey through the  what was dubbed, "The Most Haunted House In America!" Although I have reservations on that dubbing, it is what it is... Enjoy!