Robbie Thomas, Psychic Criminal Profiler Media Appearances

Discovery Channel


Robbie has appeared on the Discovery Channel a couple times. His movie he is in, The Sallie House, has been shown on here.  

NBC News Networks


During some cases Robbie has assisted on, the news catches up on him during his work. He has appeared on NBC in Louisville Ky on several occasions. He also had a one hour television interview on NBC in Louisville Kentucky

CBS News Networks


During a high profile case of eleven people perishing in a fire, CBS was there along with many other news networks as Robbie held a news conference in regards to his findings. Bardstown Ky. 

Gaia TV Open Minds


Robbie had a one hour television interview on GAIA TV with Regina Meredith on Open Minds.

ABC News Networks


Once again, during working and assisting Law Enforcement on a murder case, Robbie was briefly asked questions of his findings in the news with ABC. 

New RO Network


Back in 2003, Robbie had his first one hour television special interview on the show, In Good Faith. It was shown on the New RO Cable Network and went syndicated.  



Robbie often appears in the news for events he speaks at or has hosted. Back in 2009, CKCO-TV was at the Canadian-American Paranormal Convention Robbie Hosted. 

Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV


Robbie's first one hour television special in Ottawa Canada went into syndication in 2003/04 and it was seen on many networks such as Bell Expressview .



Robbie appeared on CTV several times over the many years for his work he does. He has been interviewed for the Psychic Profiler assisting Police and also the events he does and has done in his home town of Sarnia.

Rogers TV


Rogers TV has interviewed Robbie a few times. One time live on air, the host inquired about Joran Van Der Sloot who is a suspect in Natalee Holloway's disappearance. The host asked Robbie live on air, what he thought of Joran. Robbie replied, "He's going to murder again, real soon!" It was less than a month went by and Joran murdered the girl in Peru.  

Star Choice Satellite TV


Having a first time one hour television special is a moment to remember, but to have your show go into syndication on many networks for a complete year is an accomplishment in its own. Star Choice Satellite TV picked up the show and played is more than six times in 2004!



UFO TV is the home of Robbie's second movie he is in called, The Sallie House -Gateway To The Paranormal! With nearly 3 million views and surely going to rise over time, this is one movie that will be soon declared a classic in the Paranormal Field. 



Robbie's first movie Dead Whisper was briefly shown on Netflix until the producer took it off for placing it on another network. 

Very Paranormal TV


Very Paranormal On Line Subscription Television Network is where you can find Robbie on. Dead Whisper his movie from 2005 and also a pilot shoot of a crime show he once was involved in. 

YouTube Channel


YouTube is where you can find many videos of Robbie in his work. There are many interviews on Radio Shows he has been featured on and also some short news clips.

CBS Radio


Robbie Thomas has appeared on CBS Radio several times. On one occasion, he predicted the demise of JV & Elvis show, 'Dog House', live on air. One month from the time of the shock jocks getting cocky with Robbie live on air, their show was pulled by CBS. Wikipedia tells the story! Robbie was later offered a radio show on CBS as a Psychic Medium for his own show because of his accuracy during the JV & Elvis show and went to Detroit to hear the offer.  

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George Noory interviews Robbie Thomas on Coast To Coast about his new release "Psychic Profiler The Real Deal  - True Crime Cases Vol. 1" and much more in this hour power of action conversation.  

99.9 The Fox FM sARNIA

Program Director George Hayes explains about my information I gave to Law Enforcement that he seen before they investigated the case of Victoria Stafford. 

KSS-TV International Police Chief

Live on KSS -TV with International Police Chief Kevin Smith as he describes how I gave information on the BaseLine Killers Case in Arizona. 

Caylee Anthony Case ktlk fm

Live on air with KTLK FM Dave Schrader on the Caylee Anthony case in Florida. This was before they arrested the mother and the information given on the show was turned over to the Police by Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio. 


Regina Meredith interviews Robbie for this one hour television special on Gaia TV! 

Magazines Around The World Feature Robbie Thomas

Intrepid Magazine


Robbie Featured In Intrepid Magazine

Taps Magazine


Robbie Was Featured In Taps Magazine

Suspense Magazine


Robbie Featured In Suspense Magazine

Pen It Magaizne


Robbie Thomas media appearances include Featured In Pen It Magazine a couple times.

Signs Magazine


Robbie Featured In Signs Magazine a few times!

Invest Uk Publishing Mag


Robbie Featured In Invest UK Publishing Magazine

Visions Magazine


Robbie was featured in Visions a couple times

BelleSprit Magazine


Robbie has been featured a couple times in Bellesprit Magazine

Paranormal Magazine


Robbie was featured in Paranormal Magazine

Haunted Times Magazine


Robbie was featured in Haunted Times

Unexplained Magazine


Robbie was featured a couple times in Haunted Times Magazine. 

Silent Voices Magazine


Robbie's Book was featured in Silent Voices Magazine

Rock Thiz Magazine


Robbie Featured In Rock Thiz Magazine

Phantom Magazine


Robbie Featured In Phantom Magazine

The Observer England


Robbie Gets Mentioned In The Observer England

Music Industry Magazine


Robbie Gets Mentioned In Music Industry Magazine 

Fix Magazine


Hometown boy Robbie Gets featured in Fix Magazine Sarnia!

Robbie has been featured in over 30 magazines world wide in the last 20 years. These that are listed are just some of the magazines he has been in.