Psychic Profiler The Real Deal - True Crime Cases Vol. 1 by Robbie Thomas

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Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas Reviews

"Mind Blowing! EXCELLENT Read! More Than Enough Proof & Police Endorsements!"
-Trish Wake, Radio Host 88.7 FM The River, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

"Extraordinary read! Very well done and written! The proof in this book is like no other by a Psychic Medium who works with Law Enforcement. Great Job Robbie!" -Jerry Wills, Jerry Wills Show 

- Annie Weible The Para Exchange

"Psychic Profiler The Real Deal Is An Outstanding Read! Well Put Together & Just Captivating!"
-Tracie Austin, The Tracie Austin Show

"AWESOME READ! A well written, well put together book with much detail in proof of cases!"
-Jason Hawes, Beyond Reality Radio/Ghost Hunters Television Show

"It's a MIND BLOWING READ! Well written & well presented. WOW!"
-Jimmy Church, Fade To Black Radio Show/Coast To Coast AM, History Channel/A&E Networks

"He is the Real Deal! The Book is OUTSTANDING!"
-George Noory, Coast To Coast AM

"AMAZING read! Undeniably the Real Deal!"
-Heather Wade, Midnight In The Desert Radio Show

This Is The Book To Read In 2018!"

 - Lee Poye, Dead Zone Radio Show

"Get This Book, It's Amazing!"- Andrea Whitney, Award Winning Criminal Journalist, Hearst Media

"GOOD BOOK! The stories are amazing. Many testimonials and 'EVIDENCE' provided!"

 -Angela Thomas, Host On The Fringe Media

“I’m blown away by the eye witness testimonies and police reports! Truly an amazing book Robbie.” -Daryl Marston, The American Ghost Hunter Live Show KCOR Radio

"Once this book hits the market, it will change the way people look at psychics". -Steve Dunn, Paraligion Radio

"In depth ride for the reader! Numerous testimonies cornerstone cases throughout. Truly a unique, interesting and well-paced read.”-Adam Ginsberg, Actor/Producer

"Robbie’s book blew my mind away with his abilities as a psychic profiler! Every amazing story is backed up by testimonials from victims families and law enforcement professionals. As host of Paranormal Soup I’ve read a lot of guests great books on Paranormal subjects but this book was so good I couldn’t put it down!  I couldn’t recommend a better book on a psychic working with law enforcement to bring resolution to families, saving lives, and finding missing people then this one, unless you want fiction then I’m a huge fan of Stephen Kings the Dead Zone and I kept thinking while reading this book that Robbie is the real life Dead Zone! Great book and must read for those with an open mind!" -Jason Bland
Host of Paranormal Soup 

More About Psychic Profiler

“HE BROUGHT MY DAUGHTER HOME ALIVE!” –Kim Flewelling, Kitchener, Ontario Canada

"This is an awesome book! Robbie brought closer to my family, which is featured in his book. It was an honor for him to feature my grandfather and uncle in his book, very very professional!" -Larry Ballinger, London Kentucky, United States


"Thank You Robbie Thomas! His gift helped us locate a missing endangered adult today!"-Law Enforcement Officer, Andy DeLay, Kenneth City PD, Florida


Robbie Thomas lends his ability to helping Law Enforcement and families, in finding justice to some of the most heinous crimes committed. Over many years with complete documented validation, Robbie has helped in murder and missing person’s cases internationally. ‘Psychic Profiler - The Real Deal, True Crime Cases’, illustrates completely, factual events that are well documented and endorsed by Law Enforcement and families. Never before seen information that has crossed into Robbie’s office through text messages, emails and that of also being on scene with Police, photos that are now within this book.

It clearly demonstrates the validity of his ability in finding and solving some of the most horrific cases known. He has brought individuals who were held against their will home ALIVE, and in on one SPECIAL case, a man’s life hung in the balance, as Doctors declared him brain dead, wanting to take him off life support. Enter Robbie Thomas, Psychic Profiler and within five minutes, renders a total opposite outcome that will leave you breathless! Read all the testimonial letters from families as they praise the work of Robbie Thomas.