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Teresa and Ron Rhule

Teresa and Ron Rhule

Teresa and Ron Rhule



A moment shared with a lovely couple at Whispers Estates Filming!

Teresa & Ron Rhule…

Meeting At Whispers Estates With Psychic Robbie Thomas

Sent to my Office email, November 9, 2017

Without going into too much detail, I want to give an account of my session with Robbie.

· He hit on my Father and my brother immediately, describing the sharp shooter who received a medal and another that followed in his footsteps. My father was a sharp shooter in the Marines during WW2 and so was my brother.

· He hit on my Sister-In-Law by stating that she passed very close to her birthday. Two days before her birthday is very close.

. He stated, while my husband's sister was lying in bed near the end that my husband walked out of the room and she passed away with me there and that he didn't get that chance to say goodbye. My husband missed that moment, but Robbie assured him, she heard him when he came back to the room.

· He validated several other loved ones that have passed. They are fine and they do know what is happening in my life.

He mentioned 3 more things that were spot on.

1. My husband always tells me that I am the “best thing that ever happened to him”. Robbie used those exact words to describe me.

2. He told us that my husband was going to be ok. Everything would get back on track. We did not mention the health issues that he has been having.

3. Later in the evening, he pulled my husband aside and told him that his Sister was back with his Mother and they were both fine.

I did not ask any specific questions, I just wanted Robbie to give us what he got. He was able to ease my guilt over not being present to say good bye to my Father and Brother. He assured me and my husband that his sister was at peace, no longer in pain and appreciated all that we did for her.

Robbie has a very kind and gentle nature. I came away from the experience with a sence of calm and my sprit had been lifted. The time with him was amazing and I will be back to talk with him again.

Thank you so much Robbie for sharing your gift and Psychic Readings with others. Especially, helping to find loved ones that are missing or to help solve crimes. Those family members need you the most. I truly believe you have a gift from God and thank you for using it to help other in their time of need.

Teresa Rhule

Indianapolis, Indiana

Sheryl Hoinowski

Teresa and Ron Rhule

Teresa and Ron Rhule


 I had the pleasure of being able to have a reading done with Robbie Thomas while attending the Tennessee venue of his new show production. I’m from Georgia and as I drove up the day before I saw many mimosa trees in bloom. These reminded me of my grandparents, which both have passed away. My grandfather passed when I was ten and my Mamaw was with us until I was 30. There was a giant mimosa tree in their front yard and I was really thinking about them as I drove up to meet Robbie. In my reading, Robbie picked up a large bunch of animals, which are my passion and heart. I’ve always had many pets in my life and have taken in any animal that needed a home over the years. Robbie started my reading, by describing my grandpa who I called Papa Pete.  He quoted the saying "for Petes sakes!", Of course I knew it was my grandpa. Interesting fact is his name was not Pete, but that was the name he went by. He also said, he was with his wife and he was with her and that was my Mamaw. It was a delight to enlighten Robbie, the Canadian, about us here in the south having a Mamaw instead of a grandma. Southern kids have a Mamaw. My reading, then took a wonderful turn as he mentioned being shown Jewles. Something about “Jewles!” He was talking about my best friend since 6th grade and he mentioned she had passed at a young age and she had cancer. Indeed this was all true, as she made it to age 50 and after a brave fight for 10 years, she passed just over a year ago. The significance of the “Jewles” is that Julies whole family and some friends called her Jewles, I called her Julie, so that is what the relation to Jewles was all about. He validated that we had a vigil and that something that was promised happened. All true and very remarkable! She and I had a pact that I would come to be with her when she passed along with family. I made that promise to her and she validated that she knew I was there and that we had a vigil around her bedside as she transitioned into Heaven. Also validated that she does come to visit me and the things I find and the signs I get are indeed from her. Having a reading from Robbie was an amazing experience. He is so very gifted in talking to spirit and such a warm caring person. Robbie is a very kind loving funny guy. He spreads joy and brings comfort to those who have missing loved ones or to those who just need to find peace from grieving the loss of their loved ones. He is a talented writer and film maker. This reading was done for my birthday weekend and what a gift I received! 

  Sheryl Hoinowski, Georgia, United States  

Laura Lea McMillion Adkins

Laura Lea McMillion Adkins

Laura Lea McMillion Adkins


 "I had the opportunity to be “read” by a gentleman for whom I have the utmost respect last weekend. Robbie Thomas was a guest at the MidSouth Paranormal Convention, hosted by Keith Age and held private readings. Robbie has an impressive history, working with law enforcement on missing persons and homicide cases….this intrigued me. I figured, if the police use him repeatedly, he must have something. But before I tell you what happened, please note that I have never posted anything on Facebook or any other social media, regarding anything that Robbie picked up during my reading.  "I went into the reading with a question about a family situation in mind but I did not tell Robbie or anyone else at the conference what my question was or what it was about. I didn’t have to ask my question because Robbie picked up on it just a few minutes into the reading. He helped me with something I have been troubled with for a very long time and for that I will always be grateful. As a bonus, he picked up on both my Mother and Father’s first names (not initials, names) and that he saw two “Dads” with me. My mother was married to a man named Ben prior to marrying my father and had three daughters. I was born after she married my dad but Ben was always a part of our lives and history. My father treated my sisters no differently than he did me and it was like having two “Dads”, especially for them. He also picked up on a tree and a plaque having to do with my dad. Anyone reading this that knew my father knows that he was an artist and painted dogwood leaves and trees on wooden boxes and gave them as gifts. He also wrote a beautiful poem relating to the dogwood tree. The dogwood was sort of my dad’s trademark if you will. He also knew that there was a birthday and death close together. That would be my sister, Vickie and my Mom. My mom passed away in late July and my sister’s birthday was the day after her funeral. It was a difficult time for all of us but Vickie will always associate her birthday with our mother’s death. 
I wanted folks out there to know that there are real psychics and Mr. Robbie Thomas is as real as they get. This man has helped families find closure in many ways whether it be by helping to find a missing person, working with law enforcement to solve murder cases, or to helping just plain me with a resolution to a situation in my family that has been troubling me for years and bringing that to a peaceful place. This is a man you can trust." - Laura Lea McMillion Adkins, West Virginia 

Kat Hobson

Laura Lea McMillion Adkins

Laura Lea McMillion Adkins


 "I had a reading by a good but recent friend who didn't actually know a lot about my past. He was on when he came up talking about letting go of anger & not holding on to the pain caused by others. It was just creating more pain for me long term. He was correct. But I'm stubborn. And the person bringing this to him was one of my abusers.
What no one, but me knew when he did that reading, was that I had just gotten a message from someone who heard my mom died. Literally hours earlier. I was in a battle with myself, because I had removed her from my life to limit the damage she was causing not only to me still, but to my children. I faced the "What if that's true? What if, I can never say another word to her in this realm?" moment. I had to decide, if I was going to live my life as a victim or release the anger & pain. I'm no longer a victim. And as it turns out, she's not dead. Thanks Robbie for this experience. I'm not there yet, as far as the healing goes, but this validation helped so much. I know you probably weren't aware of how strong a catalyst this reading was." - Kat Hobson, Birmingham Alabama  





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Things To Remember When You've Booked Your Session With Robbie!

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We hope this helps you in preparation for your session with Robbie and send many blessings for your encounter with Spirit. May God Bless you always...