It's NOT A Mental Issue...Mass Shootings In America

Insanity Has To Stop!

I suppose in the context of this blog post, there will still be a divide upon the thought I'm putting forth. It's not from the inception of any blame, nor finger pointing, to any specific group, person, nor faculty in which I say this. It's specific in it's intent towards society on a whole, in relation to the insane happenings with mass shootings in America, and it is a direct truth for all people to read because it is for everyone!
You know how in the old days, "professional doctors" would put labels on anything, and everything, to determine an individual's well-being. A diagnosis for any situation a person had who walked through their office door. We as a society, have become that relied upon this scenario too often, if not, more often in these later years of great turmoil. Out of the hundreds of mass shootings, no one can say for certain, every single one of those instances were mental health issues. Oh, but we see it and hear it throughout the media, and from the lips of those on social media. We've become 'ACCUSTOMED' to throwing that term around loosely and vigorously! America has been conditioned to blame the government on either side, putting an institutionalized term to those who commit these acts. I'm betting less than half, even more, are or had mental issues. I'm betting, it's the strain on the human condition! Anyone who lives in a society full of hate, for everyone different than who they are, creates this atmosphere. I'm willing to say, ignorance from not willing to accept others in so many different ways, and the driven home attitude played out daily, all through America from a divided is the evil root. Ridicule, torment, shaming, belittling people because of the color of their skin, culture, creed or the way they speak, look, talk, or whatever, seems to put a wedge between people, it starts here! It's not a condemnation on every single happening to say "mental illness" because you've been conditioned to think,and say this just to cover up or mask the problem. Society is conditioned in many ways to be that divide that institution that creates it's own problems. Right now, you are reading this, and thoughts of your own are going through your mind about this. Part of you agrees, but still part of you won't commit to the truth because it is searching for that elaborate excuse to rationalize a different scenario or conclusion.
Look... if one can't or will not like another for anything whatsoever, a disdainful feeling builds, soon that feeling turns to hate, and it takes away from another's lifestyle in some fashion. Eventually, hate wins, and circumstances arise. The root has to be found, and it's staring everyone in the face in America. When will this end? Never! People are too ignorant to allow that to happen, so we, on a whole; walk through life associating ourselves to whatever "feels" right for the moment. Until we all become that consensus of people who really want change, we walk blind always! We won't see the forest for the trees!

Laurel vs. Yanny! Shhh...did you hear that!

The "Science" of "LAUREL vs. YANNY thought or theory" . The scientific theory says "People who hear high to mid-high frequency more strongly will hear the word "Yanny" while those who perceive the word "Laurel" will experience the lower frequency where information is more dominant."

This might give great explanation now as to the same understanding of an EVP or "Ghost Box, ITC"...Etc. why to some, and not to others when muffled sounds, or gibberish is heard, it might be understood to only those few who hear it.  There is a huge line of discrepancies in the Paranormal on instrumentation used as such that now, this experiment from "science" lends more credence to the fact, people only want to hear what they want to hear, rather that of what is truly being said! Just another "theory" in the never ending quest to find the truth! 

The great debate and quest to hear clearly through means of frequency, will without a doubt, continue to play on people's minds! 

But you didn't hear that from me, hear what you want to! 

Psychic Profiler TV Series

Psychic Profiler Television Series...Behind The Scenes History Of It's Inception And Concept.


The first time the revolutionary show concept came to light was back in the year 2005/06, which was to be a drama crime show. I sat in part with a screenwriter, developing the idea of a show where someone would play me in a true crime/drama based program, which would see many of the cases I had already assisted in, come to fruition on the television screen. Oh the idea/concept was fantastic indeed, with much anticipation of all the good old drama, mystery, and intrigue one would want in a Psychic Crime show! Oh yes there was another show that just came out at the same time as we were thinking on doing this show. Medium went on to be very a successful program and our idea sat in the development stage and all the show episodes I still hold in email from those day of going back and forth with the screenwriter.


The year was 2008, and once again, I began to pitch the Psychic Profiler idea to producers and companies who were interested in such a show. One particular company was out of Toronto Canada and wanted to deliver a factual/nonfactual basis for this show. I found that interesting as some of the show would be truthful, yet remain with fictional characters to fill in portions of the show to make it watchable!? I know right, it just doesn't seem proper; however, we went on to shoot a teaser/pilot of sorts with actors and improvisations that really took me back. I had International Police Chief Kevin Smith as part of the skype calling along with a couple other individuals who were on shows that fell to the wayside. It was a funny time and something I really wasn't pleased with let's say. Nevertheless, this too, didn't come to fruition and perhaps for the better as we kept moving on and looking for a proper home for my idea and concept. 


Here we are since the initial Pilot shoot and casting for the show I created and will host. It has had it's ups and downs throughout the years, as my friend and partner in the second casting of the show, went to bed one night and never woke up. International Police Chief Kevin Smith, a very highly regarded, and respected human being, seemed to have other plans in his life. He took a nights sleep and gently drifted off into Heaven. He'll always remain sadly missed by many; however, those of us who over the years come to know Kevin well, we hold him dear in our hearts forever. Yes, a pilot was filmed and a teaser was developed from a double homicide we investigated. It was shown at Real Screen twice, and at the Cannes Film Festival In France twice, to potential buyers from networks and companies. Somehow, or somewhere along the lines, this show that should have been picked up immediately, got over shadowed by missed opportunities. It had its run and again, we are at a stalemate in going any further with everyone involved.


Now, today... yet another opportunity has arisen! An Emmy Award Winning Director approached me, and we have come up with the set skills, along with experience in putting something viable together for the Networks. The concept is undeniably the best to date! Based on all the cases I am working at present, and those I have waiting for me to work along side Law Enforcement, we have striven to bring something no one has ever seen before to a reality show that is beyond anyone's thinking. Cross your fingers, as we take flight in the attempt to finally get this show launched, picked up and on your television screen! 

When Signs Happen

The Signs!


As my wife and I were driving yesterday 3.5 hours to the Radio show on 88.7 FM The River in Mount Forest, many city names passed us by, and I could mention each case I assisted Law Enforcement & Families with from those cities. The Host, Trish, asked me a question to this thought, which folks will hear Wednesday April 4th and repeated again on Sunday April 8th, as I stated, from my home town, London, Woodstock, Arthur, the entire drive was lined with so many cases I have helped with.
You never realize things like this, until something this significant is before your eyes, as each city sign we passed was in front of mine. Reflection in signs or was it signs for my Reflection?
Either way, it showed me as another question was asked during the show "When will I retire from doing this?"
I thought for a brief moment, thinking about all those signs and the families I have helped along my drive. My answer, "I can't retire!"

It is what it is!

Psychic Profiler The Real Deal - True Crime Cases Vol. 1

About Damn Time!

Eight years in the making and finally here it is! Oh, during this time it wasn't easy, as project after project kept coming up, putting this body of work on the back burner. It was a huge task to say the least; however, with all the trials and tribulations, it finally peeked its head out, and took off like wild fire! I have over the years spoken of bringing this to fruition, to give voice to the many families who wanted their stories told. I thought long and hard on how to present it in the proper context for them and for myself. Putting a book out there is no easy task, and putting a book out there about true crime cases, solved by a Psychic Medium, even more difficult! 

I found my place, my refuge if you will, in the solace the families gained from closure of their cases. That is where the principle idea sat. It was to give the focus on them, explaining in detail without cluttering up the facts between all the pages within this book. I needed to express something more on a two fold scenario. Giving voice, and meaning to their loved ones, who have perished to heinous crimes, and for those who were found alive, and brought home safe. Also, to the skeptics who have been silenced indefinitely by this book. The writing is on the wall, in plain sight, bigger, and bolder than ever! 

Complete, well documented information that includes, Law Enforcement testimonials, family letters, eye witness accounts, and behind the scenes never before seen to the public collaboration between many offices for each case. It has text messages, emails, photos, and much more. Proof... Oh Hell Ya! Law Enforcement do indeed use Psychic Mediums to solve crimes!

Crime Of The Week!

Fajbetter Not!?


(Getty Images)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A Texas man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing $1.2 million worth of fajitas over nine years.

Fifty-three-year-old Gilberto Escamilla was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to theft by a public servant. The Brownsville Herald reports he told the court the fajita scheme spun out of control.

Escamilla had been intercepting fajitas that he ordered through the Cameron County juvenile centre where he worked and delivering them to his own customers.

His scam was uncovered when he missed work for a medical appointment and an 800-pound (360-kilogram) fajita delivery arrived at the centre, which doesn’t serve fajitas.

Escamilla was fired in August and arrested after authorities checked vendor invoices and obtained a search warrant that uncovered county-funded fajitas in his refrigerator.

(Courtesy Toronto Sun)

Moral Of This Story... It's better to just go out for dinner and order Fajitas! 

Bill Cosby GUILTY!

The Pudding Pop Guy Found Guilty!

We all knew who he was and now, what he has become! The Jello/Fat Albert fan favorite, has done some pretty terrible things in his life that has been uncovered. The heinous acts against women is atrocious to say the least. We all sat with bated breath, awaiting the final outcome to something that was undeniable, as it was presented by so many women who Mr. Cosby violated in an act of a desperate man, full of evil. His sentence isn't good enough whatever it will be, for those poor women he did this to, still live their lives confined to the images, and memories this monster plagued them with. Lock him up and throw away the key!  

Golden Gate Serial Murderer!

All these years, he thought he could get away with the perfect crime(s). This, in itself, proves no matter who you think you are, what profession you may have, or how privileged you might think you can be, those crimes criminals think they can get away with, do come back to haunt them. Descarded DNA, and tracing it through a website for genealogical ancestry, will land you in jail. This sets precedence in the fight against crime and for those who sign up or even your family members who sign up to these websites, will now offer much more of a demographic for Law Enforcement to trace you murderers down. You're not safe in your little world no longer, as the long arm of the law can reach through systematic means, snatching your perfect world from you. Ideal ... most certainly because now it is another tool for the fight against crime. Beware all you who think you can run and hide from the law, you're no longer anonymous or invisible to this life you lead any longer. 2 thumbs up to the officers who had that moment of thought in regards to reaching out through this means, to snatch the little life left this ex cop thought he had, and getting away with murder. Now, you will sit in your confinement of a 3 by 9 cell, wasting away with the haunting of all those who's lives you took. May they be a reminder for you as you rot in your hell here and in the life after. You are your Karma you choose!

Human Trafficking The Disease

"Human Trafficking", has no face until they are caught! Allison Mack, don't be fooled by that "angelic face" or her stature in the TV world! See, this sick disease has no boundaries, which has sick individuals who hide in the shadows of every walk of life. They sit in waiting, to snuff the life of many innocent people, turning their lives into a living hell. Don't be fooled because of her TV persona, and celebrity status, she's an evil character playing a role in her new series in life that should have a climax of life in prison without eligibility for parole. Even then that's too good for people like her. 

Don't kid yourself about her participation in this group she was with, she knew exactly what she was doing and her role! The prosecutors laid out the charges against her, leaving little to the imagination of this pirate of life. She is a leach on society that created hell for those she preyed upon. Human Trafficking Has a face, it's Allison Mack!


Alcatraz Relived!

That infamous question! Did they make it?

The years may have come and gone, but the story continues to be passed down, casted in movies, tall stories, and on social media. The escape from the "Rock", or did the icey waters along with the sharks, take the three to their fate that night? 

A letter that seems to be written by one of the three convicts who escaped, has come forth depicting their well orchestrated living years after. 

On the 11 June, 1962, brothers Clarence and John Anglin along with fellow inmate Frank Morris pulled off a prison break that became one of the most famous escapes in American history. The men constructed masks, planned and executed one of the most talked about escapes of all times. 

"My name is John Anglin. I escape from Alcatraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris.

"I'm 83-years-old and in bad shape. I have cancer. Yes we all made it that night but barely! If you announce on TV that I will be promised to first go to jail for no more than a year and get medical attention, I will write back to let you know exactly where I am. This is no joke.”

The case has left authorities baffled as of it's contents and the mystery that still surrounds the fact, did they really make it!?

Nurses From The Dark Side

Hold Still, This Won't Hurt!!!!!!

The current situation about our medical health field are nurses who inflict harm rather than help the sick. Here is a current story of yet another "Angel Of Death" who was to be one healing patients rather turned out to be the "Black Plague" on humanity.

The things you wouldn't think that were true actually are! We all know we have good and bad in every profession, but here is something I'd keep my one eye open at night if I stayed in a nurses care! The evil that man do, one might say; however this comes straight from the nurses lounge! 

Serial Killers, Nurses? No way, yes way! Have a look-see at this link ...

"Elizabeth Wettlaufer pleads guilty Thursday to eight counts of first-degree murder!" The Ontario Courts heard the virdict and it rained down upon this sick Jekle and Hide of a  nurse.

This next case is completely sicking! This German nurse killed out of boredom! Boredom? What in the world is going on with these nurses? It makes one think that possibly psychological testing should be a priority in this profession.

The killing fields are vast in this arena of health providers, but again, it's not the only profession that has its cocoa puffs!