MidSouth Paranormal Convention featuring Robbie Thomas

MidSouth Convention Featuring Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler Robbie Thomas

Robbie is pleased to announce his return to the MidSouth Paranormal Convention. This will make Robbie's 3rd appearance that spans over 10 years. Being a keynote speaker at many events, Robbie has toured throughout North America holding his own events, filming, television specials and more. He is one of the most sought after Psychic Mediums today for his unprecedented ability to help solve murder/missing person's cases while working along side Law Enforcement, Agencies and families internationally.

Robbie will be holding reading sessions with those who would like to sit with him. Advance booking for reading sessions with him are 10 -12 minutes in length and $100 USD. We are taking advance bookings to secure a spot with Robbie as there are going to be very limited sessions being made available due to the time restraints during this convention. We advise that if you wish to have a session with Robbie, book early by writing this office at robbie@robbiethomas.net to get your name on the list. Once you have notified this office, we will in-turn write you back to give you a time and the day in which this will take place during the convention. Payment will also be mandatory upon registering for a session. Information will follow in an email back to you. Walk up readings (if there is a spot available are $150 USD time of session at the Convention)   

A Chance To Get His Best Seller 'Psychic Profiler The Real Deal - True Crime Cases Vol. 1'

 Robbie Thomas lends his ability to helping Law Enforcement, Agencies, and families, in finding justice to some of the most heinous crimes committed. Over many decades of work with complete documented validation, Robbie has helped in murder and missing person’s cases internationally. ‘Psychic Profiler - The Real Deal, True Crime Cases’, illustrates completely, factual events, which are well documented and openly endorsed by Law Enforcement and families. Never before seen information that has crossed into Robbie’s office through text messages, emails and that of also being on scene with Police, photos that are now within this book.

It clearly demonstrates the validity of his ability in finding and solving some of the most horrific cases known. He has brought individuals who were held against their will home ALIVE, and in on one SPECIAL case, a man’s life hung in the balance, as Doctors declared him brain dead, wanting to take him off life support. Enter Robbie Thomas, Psychic Profiler and within five minutes, renders a total opposite outcome that will leave you breathless! Read all the testimonial letters from families as they praise the work of Robbie Thomas.

Many Great Speakers & Guests

 Are you ready? The 2018 Mid South Paranormal Convention is here!
This year is going to be our biggest event yet. Some old friends and new ones will be on hand for the longest running paranormal convention and biggest event in the paranormal community.
A new venue, bigger and better. The Mid South keeps growing and we have out grown our old venue. This year we are holding our event at the Holiday Inn East Hurstbourne. Right down the road from our old venue. We have also lowered the price for a weekend pass to only $45.00. That’s all three days! Our table rentals are only $100.00 for the weekend and include one 6’x3’ dressed table, two general passes to the 2018 Mid South Paranormal Convention and two passes to the Friday night kickoff party. So go to www.louisvilleghs.com for more info.
As I said we have some new guests the year, the Mountain Monsters guys. Hucklebery, Jeff, Willy and Wild Bill will be there. Returning to the Mid South is Pat Fitzhugh. Pat was one of our first guest at the very first Mid South seventeen years ago and were proud to have him back! Plus we have a lot more guests to be announced!
So get your tickets to the 2018 Mid South Paranormal Convention now. Just go to www.louisvilleghs.com to get yours now! 

Robbie & International Police Chief Kevin Smith Worked Together

Robbie working a double homicide with International Police Chief Kevin Smith. Filming his new series, Psychic Profiler with America's Most Wanted Film Crew.   

Robbie & Crime Stoppers President Sean Robbins

Robbie is endorsed by Crime Stoppers President, Sean Robbins for the work he has done and the integrity he has from over the years, in fighting against crime for families. 

Robbie Continuously Making Headline News

Robbie is one of the very few that mainstream media follows, giving him headlines for the factual work he does along side Law Enforcement.