Hannah Event Indiana

Endorsed Openly By Law Enforcement

Robbie Thomas is not only openly endorsed by many levels of Law Enforcement, Agencies, Organizations, and families; he is one of the most sought after Psychic Mediums today. His ability to assist Governments, Law Enforcement, Agencies, Organizations, and families internationally is unprecedented and remarkable. Law Enforcement often call upon him to assist in some of the most heinous crimes committed world wide. 

Has Appeared On Or In Many Programs Internationally

He has appeared on many television programs and in the news that center around his ability to find closure to some of the toughest cases known:  NBC, CBS, ABC, GAIA TV, CKCO, Daytime Live Rogers Television, StarChoice, Bell Expressview, New RO (CTV), and many more. Aside from the numerous television appearances, he has been heard on radio shows around the world such as CBS, Coast To Coast Am, Fade To Black, Tracie Austin Show, Midnight In The Desert, ZTalk Radio, Kevin Smith Show, Barbara Mackey Show CBS, True Ghost Stories Show, Keeler Show New York, Bob Fm, The Eagle 103.3 FM, CHOK 1070 AM, The Fox 99.9 and many more. 

Is A Best Selling Author And Noted Psychic Criminal Profiler

“HE BROUGHT MY DAUGHTER HOME ALIVE!” –Kim Flewelling, Kitchener, Ontario Canada

"This is an awesome book! Robbie brought closer to my family, which is featured in his book. It was an honor for him to feature my grandfather and uncle in his book, very very professional!" -Larry Ballinger, London Kentucky, United States

"Thank You Robbie Thomas! His gift helped us locate a missing endangered adult today!"-Law Enforcement Officer, Andy DeLay, Kenneth City PD, Florida 

Has Been Featured In Print Media Over The Decades

He has been featured in many magazines worldwide such as, Taps Paranormal Magazine (United States), Intrepid Magazine (United States), Visions Magazine (United States), Signs Magazine (England), Bellesprit Magazine (United States), Suspense Magazine (United States), Paranormal Magazine (England), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Fix Magazine (Canada), Pen It Magazine (United States) and more.  


Robbie will be holding LIMITED sessions during the Hannah House Event. If you are wanting to secure a session with him, it is advisable to book in advance, as he will be EXTREMELY busy with many people wanting to speak with him.

To book in advance, we insist to first contact this office through email at robbie@robbiethomas.net and we will advise the time during that day for your booking with Robbie at the Hannah House. Advance booking cost is $100.00 USD. Those who book in advance will have preference first for that day. Sessions last between 10 -12 minutes in length. Walk up sessions (if there is time permitting during the last part of the day $150.00 USD 10-12 minutes in length)       

Robbie's Television Series Named After His Book And Who He Is In Development


We are set on the principles of helping families, who seek solace they’re after, while assisting Law Enforcement to find the resolve to either closing or re-opening murder/missing person’s cases. The show is built on team commitment and total respect for all involved. We hold the highest regard for human life and Psychic Profiler is there, for everyone who reaches out for help in their time of need during crises they have. The integrity of the show is built around the professionals who work diligently together with families and law enforcement on each case presented.